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AICart is one of the most advanced eCommerce platform that can run as an online store or as a marketplace. It has similar features to Amazon or Alibaba when it comes to instant live shipping cost estimation, fully automated deliveries and fulfillment.

Drop Shipping Online Store

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    Drop Shipping Stock in UK
    Keep it simple, no custom clearance and very fast delivery from UK
    Automated Drop Shipping
    Best ecommerce passive income option you'll find within the UK
    Thousands of drop shipped products
    1000's PRODUCTS
    Syncronized stocks for thousands of high quality wide range of products
    Shopify Store
    Easy to use, intuitive and affordable eCommerce hosted platform
    Customer Support 24 h / 7 / 365
    24/7 SUPPORT
    We are here non-stop to answer you to any technical questions
    Online store or MarketPlace

    Our eCommerce platform runs several complex algorithms and A.I. programs to optimize your parcels, deliveries and shipping costs.

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    Live Shipping Costs

    Our platform interrogates through transport gateways API dozens of couriers simultaneously and picks up the best option.

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    Fully optimized by A.I.

    Our eCommerce platform runs several complex algorithms and A.I. programs to optimize your parcels, deliveries and shipping costs.

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    Advanced Invoicing system

    AI Cart solves the headache of raising invoices with/without VAT in the UK, EU or anywhere in the world by connecting to VIES and HMRC.

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    Parcels Optimization

    The optimization of the delivery costs starts from the packaging mode which we do with A.I. and complex algorithms.

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    Drop Shipping Ready

    With AICart you can define multiple suppliers and warehouses to source your products, everything is automated including delivery.

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    No Monthly Subscription
    You only pay once for your online store
    Free lifetime updates
    Lifetime FREE of charge upgrades and updates.
    Configure your own design and business model
    Customized Features
    We can add any features just for your website
    Customer Support 24 h / 7 / 365
    24/7 SUPPORT
    We are here non-stop to help you out with anything
    faqs | Kent Coders


    Where do you design the software?

    All our software solutions are designed in the UK. Although we also have employees from Romania or India (*not freelancers) all our products and services are quality checked to match the US and UK customers expectations. You will always deal with an US, UK or EU customer support team based on your location as a customer.

    How do I pay for your service?

    Unlike most of our competitors, we never take full amount upfront regardless of the size of your project. We work with small deposits of 20-50% based on your project complexity, enough just to confirm your order and start working on your code. We can accept any of the following payment methods: bank transfer, debit / credit card payment, PayPal, BitCoin, Ethereum and Bord Token.

    Do you offer any guarantee for your services?

    Not only that we offer a guarantee, but if you are not 100% satisfied with our work we will simply refund any deposits you've paid us within 10 working days. 

    Do you offer a web hosting service?

    All our customers will enjoy FREE web hosting as per their chosen packages. All our services will come with certain web hosting packages based on the requirements of a specific project, the specification of the hosting package can vary. Alternatively extra hosting space can be acquired based on customer needs. Please check with our sales team to see what options are more suitable for you.

    Can you recover a domain name?

    In most of the cases the answer is yes - we can recover your domain name, however based on the situation with the previous developer and how the domain name was acquired we will have to analyze on a customer situation case.

    How long does it takes to finish my project?

    Each project is different, so is our work load from day to day, therefor we will confirm you before placing your order how long it will take us to deliver your software. On average you are looking at 7-21 days for a presentation website, 3-4 days for an online store, and for customized software around 1-3 months based on its complexity.

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