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    AI SEO Content Generator
    A.I. can generate SEO content for your website

    A.I. generated SEO Content

    SEO content can be a headache. You need it to rank high in search engines and convert visitors into customers, but the process of creating it isn’t easy.

    You might have a hard time finding the right writer, or paying for all the content you need to produce, or keeping up with all your writing projects. A few years ago, we started offering AI-generated SEO content because we wanted an alternative solution for companies struggling with any of these problems:

    Generating content is expensive.

    The cost of hiring a copywriter to generate SEO content for your website can range from $3,000 to $30,000. This is because there are so many factors involved in determining the price. For example, some copywriting agencies charge by the word but others charge by the hour. The type of content you need also has an impact on cost: creating long-form articles will cost more than creating short-form articles and blog posts. And while some companies offer packages that include multiple services—such as writing, editing and proofreading—the prices vary depending on how many people will be working on your project at once.


    To find out how much it would cost to hire a professional writer or agency, contact several different writers using this form (the same form used by clients).

    You can't find the right writer.

    Finding a writer who understands your business, audience and voice isn't easy.

    Finding a writer who also understands what you want to generate — whether it's an article or some other type of content — is even harder. And finding a writer who can understand all three at once is incredibly difficult. Plus, the quality may be low because of their lack of experience in the field or even their lack of interest in it.

    This means that if you pay for content from someone, there's no guarantee that they'll deliver something good. And given how competitive this industry is already (thanks to A.I.'s ability to create excellent copy), having poor-quality content will hurt both your business' reputation and its bottom line."

    Copywriters work too slowly.


    Copywriters are expensive, hard to find and work too slowly. If you are running a business on a tight budget, then hiring a copywriter probably isn't an option for you.


    Additionally, copywriters may not be available when you need them. Copywriters often do not know how to write SEO content and can become sick or go on vacation at inopportune times.


    Your website needs multiple pages of content to rank high.


    Your website needs multiple pages of content to rank high. So how do you make sure you have enough? You use A.I.!


    A.I., or artificial intelligence, can be used to create amazing websites that still look and feel like a human wrote them—but with less effort on your part.


    At some point, you'll need more content than one writer can produce.


    At some point, you'll need more content than one writer can produce.


    Let's say you have ten pages on your website and each page has three main topics that need to be covered. You'll need 30 pieces of content—a lot of work for one person!


    But what if A.I. could generate all those pieces? One A.I.-generated piece might not be as good as 30 human-written ones, but it would probably still be better than no content at all!


    A recent study found that humans rate the quality of A.I.-generated text about 80% as good as that written by people (and about 20% better than machine-generated). The study also found that people preferred reading A.I.-generated text to machine-generated text when they didn't know which was which beforehand—a statistic that shows there's room for improvement in this field!

    You're generating so much content you can't afford to edit it all.


    When you have a lot of content to generate, it can be hard to give each piece the time and attention it deserves. A good way to make sure that your content is as high quality as possible is by using A.I.'s unique capabilities. Here are some ways in which AI can help you:

    Generate a lot of content faster than any human could:

    • Find the right words and phrases for each piece of content
    • Find the right topics for each piece of content
    • Find the right images for each piece of content

    Create a consistent brand voice throughout all your writing, whether it's blog posts or social media posts or emails or anything else

    • Write subject lines that people will want to click on (and maybe even share)
    • Write compelling headlines that attract readers' attention
    • Write engaging body copy that keeps readers engaged until they're done reading everything

    If any of these sound familiar, then A.I.-generated SEO content might be for you.

    A.I.-generated SEO content could be for you if any of the following statements ring true:

    • You want to produce more content, faster
    • You want to produce higher quality content that is in line with your brand values and tone of voice
    • You don't have the resources or time needed to regularly write new content yourself
    There are times when A.I. - generated content makes sense, and there are times when it doesn't. If any of the scenarios we listed sound like your situation, then you may want to give A.I. - generated content a try. It can save you time, money, and effort - all while giving your website the content it needs to rank high on search engines.

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    This page content was entirely generated using A.I. from Kent Coders

    Price Offer

    Affordable A.I. SEO content

    We’ve created three different A.I. generated SEO content packages to fit any kind of budget and business size. Would you like something more tailored to your needs? 

    SILVER Package



    A basic package of 10 articles based on 5 keywords. Each article will have a length of about 1000 characters.

    • 5 Keywords
    • 10 blog articles
    • ~ 1000 characters each
    • Human manually revision
    • FREE upload
    Best Seller | Kent Coders

    GOLD Package



    A pack of 50 articles based on 10 keywords. Each article will have a length of about 1500 characters.

    • 10 Keywords
    • 50 blog articles
    • ~ 1500 characters each
    • Human manually revision
    • FREE upload

    PLATINUM Package



    A pack of 100 articles based on 20 keywords. Each article will have a length of about 1500 characters.

    • 20 Keywords
    • 10 blog articles
    • ~ 1500 characters each
    • Human manually revision
    • FREE upload


    Other services

    If you’ve already have a website built using WordPress we can populate it for you at an extra cost.

    • Upload content on website page $32

      Price per page, includes only basic design of your website installed theme

    • Post blog article $11

      Post your newly A.I. generated articles on the blog section of your website

    • Search image for blog article $8

      Price does not include the image license. Each picture will be charged separately based on your selections.

    faqs | Kent Coders


    Where do you design the software?

    All our software solutions are designed in the UK. Our team’s experience spreads across the globe but all our products and services are quality checked to match the US and UK customer’s standards. Our customer support agents are UK, EU and US based.

    How do I pay for your service?

    Unlike most of our competitors, we do not take full amount upfront regardless of the size of your project. We work with advance payments of 20-50% based on your project complexity, to confirm your order and we get right to work.
    We can accept any of the following payment methods: bank transfer, debit/credit card payment, PayPal, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Bord Token.

    Do you offer any guarantee for your services?

    Not only that we offer a guarantee, but if you are not 100% satisfied with our work we will simply refund any deposits you've paid us within 10 working days. 

    Do you offer a web hosting service?

    All our customers will enjoy FREE web hosting as per their chosen packages. All our services will come with certain web hosting packages based on the requirements of a specific project, as the specification of the hosting package can vary. Alternatively extra hosting space can be acquired based on your needs. Please check with our sales team to see what options are more suitable for you.

    Can you recover a domain name?

    In most of the cases the answer is yes - we can recover your domain name, however based on the situation with the previous developer and how the domain name was acquired, we will have to analyse this on a case-by-case basis.

    How long does it takes to finish my project?

    Each project is different and so is our work load from day to day. Therefore, we will confirm with you before placing your order on how long it will take us to deliver your project. On average, you are looking at 7-21 days for a presentation website, 3-5 days for an online store and for customised software around 1-3 months based on its complexity.

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