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Dracula's blood flows through our veins.

At the foot of Dracula’s castle in the mystical city of Brasov in Romania, our company Corio was founded in 1992. It’s been 30 years since then but we’re still sucking fresh blood from our competitors. At first we took care to eliminate our competitors from Romania, then in 2019 we started to devour our competitors from the UK, USA and Mexico.

In almost 30 years of our company history, we’ve grown from a small start-up dealing with chemical products to a group of companies with activities in production, import/export, freight shipping and forwarding, logistics, software development and eCommerce.

When you acquire a service from Kent Coders you also receive all our know-how built in 30 years of activity in different industries. You can be sure that your website is built to sell or that your ERP will really help you to get your production organised.

Our mission

Reshaping the eCommerce industry and reduce losses

For the last several years at Kent Coders we’ve focused on designing and implementing new eCommerce solutions designed to go beyond the checkout button and to help change the way online selling is made today.

Our Vision

Maximum flexibility and free consulting offered to our clients

From product sourcing or production to import, export or logistics, we’ve been in your shoes. With decades of experience in various industries, we know exactly what it takes to sell or to get better organised and optimise your processes. Whether you want a website to present yourself or an online store, or if you want an ERP to organise your companies workflow, we can do it for you.


Low price without quality discount

tesstttt We offer you the peace of mind that even if our prices are among some of the lowest on the market, the quality of our services and products do not follow that trait.

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100% Satisfied or your money back!

In case you are not 100% satisfied with our services and solutions, we will simply refund you without any questions asked.

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