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Kent Coders is only one of our businesses. We have a specialised background in production, transportation & distribution systems, eCommerce and dropshipping. With more than 30 years of experience in various businesses and after we’ve built several platforms including for ourselves, we have a strong understanding on how a piece of software should run to help other business owners thrive. We will likely understand your concept with little detail, we might already have experience and know what you need to run your business easier.

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    User Levels

    We can design an app with user levels, different rights per user level, unlimited users and restrictions, signup forms or other flows that is suitable for your business.

    Live Reports

    Keep an eye on your business with our real time reports and notifications. Based on your business requirements, we can create certain notifications and reports that are triggered based on events, triggers or values.

    Fully optimised by A.I.

    We use the latest technology to drive your business forward, using complex algorithms or artificial Intelligence solutions to enable you to do complex calculations a lot faster.

    Billing Mechanism

    If you want to automate your invoicing mechanism using data in real time, our modules can help you to bring more clarity in your accounting department while fetching details from the ground.

    Full Copyright

    Unlike most of our competitors, we don't copyright your ideas and code. You will receive a copy of the code which you can resell as many times as you wish without paying additionally for it.

    Shipping and Storage

    We can automate your entire storage and shipping process for raw materials or finished products by connecting to some of the worlds most advanced shipping platforms for air, road and sea transport.

    faqs | Kent Coders


    What can you build?

    Pretty much anything, as long as it has a logic, no matter how complicated it is, we can translate it into code for you to improve your life quality.

    What technology does Kent Coders use?
    Most of our projects are built in PHP & MySQL, Java or Python. We also use frameworks like Laravel, CodeIgniter for the server part of all our platforms. Alternatively, we can the platforms we make into mobile apps.
    Do you offer any guarantee for your services?
    Prices may vary depending on the desired configuration and can be found on the Price List page.
    Do you charge a monthly/annual subscription?

    We DO NOT! Once you paid for your app, it is yours to use it for as long as you want or resell it, it is up to you. 

    Am I getting a copy of the code?

    All our customised platforms are designed based on customer specifications and are delivered including the code and copyrights. We don't even keep a copy of it once it's been delivered, nor we will ever replicate a customers idea.

    Is it possible to make changes to the platform?

    Of course, we can customise the platform for each client and the costs related to the development of customised modules are discussed on a case by case basis.

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