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AICart is one of the most advanced eCommerce platforms that can run as an online store or as a marketplace. It has similar features to Amazon or Alibaba when it comes to instant live shipping cost estimation, fully automated deliveries and fulfillment.

Online Shopping Platform - AI Cart

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    Online store or MarketPlace

    Our eCommerce platform runs several complex algorithms and A.I programs to optimise your parcels, deliveries and shipping costs.

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    Live Shipping Costs

    Our platform integrates through dozens of transport couriers gateways API's simultaneously and picks out the best option.

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    Fully optimised by A.I.

    Our eCommerce platform runs several complex algorithms and A.I programs to optimise your parcels, deliveries and shipping costs.

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    Advanced Invoicing system

    AICart solves the headache of raising invoices with or without VAT in the UK, EU or anywhere in the world by connecting to VIES and HMRC.

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    Parcels Optimisation

    The optimisation of the delivery costs starts from the packaging feature which our system does through A.I and complex algorithms.

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    Drop Shipping Ready

    With AICart you can define multiple suppliers and warehouses to source your products, everything is automated including delivery.

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    What can I do with AICart?

    AICart allows you to define a series of suppliers, regardless of whether they are dropshipping or normal suppliers, which you can automatically convert into drop shippers, thus the start to the concept of StockLess.

    The packing list and AWB labels are generated automatically, this eliminates the responsibility of logistics from both the supplier and the reseller.

    You can also define eFulfilment warehouses if you want to keep your goods in- stock in another location. Add as many deposits and there are hardly any restrictions in this regard.

    What technology does AICart use?
    AICart combines several technologies and programming languages running mainly in PHP and makes use of several API connections with various service providers.
    Do you offer any guarantee for your services?
    Do you charge a monthly/annual subscription?

    We DO NOT! - AICart has a unique purchase cost and free upgrades for life. We do not charge subscriptions. Any new features added to standard package are provided FREE of charge. Any future integrations and upgrades will be offered at no additional cost.

    How much space do I have?
    We offer free hosting for life within the limit of 10GB / website. If you want more space, we offer different hosting packages available on the Price List page with a fixed annual cost.
    Am I getting a copy of the code?

    Unfortunately, we do not provide a copy of the code. The resources required to run AICart are very substantial and expensive. In addition to this, updating the platform would be almost impossible if it is hosted on client servers. AICart uses artificial intelligence modules, which are almost impossible to configure without experience in programming skills.

    Is it possible to make changes to the platform?

    Of course, we can customise the platform for each client and the costs related to the development of customised modules are discussed for each case. On an average, we charge £30 / hour.

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